Important ressource water


Water is one of the most important resources for human life on earth. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this essential resource is not sufficiently accessible to all people. In addition to surface water resources, the use of which is not unproblematic, underground water resources play a central role in the water supply. Unfortunately, finding and exploiting these deposits is very costly and time-consuming, and not always crowned with success. Likewise, the yield of the wells found often leaves much to be desired.

Water is not directly available in many regions

Especially in urban regions with growing populations, supplying the people with water in sufficient quantity and quality increasingly poses enormous problems for the administrations. But also in rural, often agriculturally dominated regions, water increasingly represents the limiting factor for the quality of life and the yield capacity of the soil.

  • ECO Solution provides a remedy here!

    By the unique finding of water and the high capacity (not less than 100m³ –up to more than 1500m³ per day) of the found sources, we enable our customers to solve economic water shortages for humans, animals, industry and agriculture in a short time. The water we find is not part of the atmospheric water cycle and thus does not affect conventional groundwater levels.

  • ECO Solution finds potable water ...

    ... almost everywhere on earth. Based on the customer's wishes and expectations regarding the amount of water required, we need an appropriate area to carry out measurements and determine drilling points. The existing tectonics, the desired water quantity and the technical possibilities of the local drilling companies have a great influence on the required size of the area to be investigated and the number of drilling points needed.

  • ECO Solution uses a unique technology,

    a seismo-resonance method, to find the sources. Our experts are able to determine the drilling depth at which water can be found, the expected quality and the approximate quantity of the water to be found. Basically we always try to find water as close as possible to existing infrastructure. This is our core competence.

The required time frame is ...

... very short compared to other water search methods: After determining the start of the search, we need two days to determine the exact drilling point. On the following day, the drilling can begin. Depending on the drilling depth and capacity of the well, which determines the diameter of the borehole, the drilling can take several days. After securing the borehole and, if necessary, lining the borehole to prevent undesired contamination of the water found, the well is removed for acceptance by the client. As a rule, the well is ready for use after one month.

  • The course and progress

    of the drilling shall be documented and supervised by ECO Solution. A proper drilling protocol has to be prepared by the driller.

  • The scope of services

    expected from ECO Solution (water discovery, supervising drilling and development of the well site if necessary, guarantees, determination of the actual water capacity etc.) as well as the payment modalities, will be agreed, contracted and signed with the client before the start of the activities.

  • We guarantee the case of success.

    The costumer is guaranteed a full refund of payment if no water is found. The commissioning of ECO Solution to find water is therefore risk-free for the client.