Our Method to find water

About our method to find water

The geological scanning method we developed is similar to the hammer seismic method. However, instead of just acquiring and interpreting standard echo signals as classical seismology would suggest, we use resonance modes that allow us to obtain additional information. Therefore, using a unique combination of hardware and software tools, we have developed a unique method to very accurately determine the precise location of aquifers (tectonic fault zones) and their precise coordinates, depth and production.

The difference to other water find companies

  • We will find water where other companies fail and say it is impossible
  • The water we find is not conventional groundwater - we detect tectonic water. Tectonic water is not dependent on rainfall. Using this water does not exhaust the natural conventional groundwater level.
  • The quality of the water we find is much higher than the quality of conventional groundwater. It does not contain nitrates, bacteria or other harmful pollutants.
  • After researching the market we can confidently say that ECO Solution is the one company that only charges for a successful water discovery.

Cracks form in the earth's crust,

through which liquid and gaseous substances enter the surface, as well as water that has been synthesized in the Earth's core.

Drilling into the center of these cracks releases water.

Our method is unique in that we understand how to find water-bearing tectonics and determine their coordinates with the required accuracy.

The procedure

We find water sources through a unique technology that combines scientific research, software and hardware tools. This proprietary technology guarantees that we can find water almost 100% of the time. There are two stages to finding water:

1. Field stage:
Probably the most interesting part of our research is the fieldwork.
Here we use our technology to find water sources.

2. Laboratory stage:
At this stage, we mathematically evaluate the results of the field stage.
We can then calculate exactly where to drill holes and at what depth to find how much water.

Our Guarantee

The water discovery and drilling industry is notorious for its risks, which lead to fear of failure. Because of this, companies will show you huge bills regardless of the outcome. With ECO Solution our vast experience, deep expertise and precision of our method produces 99% success in finding water.

In addition, we guarantee that the water we discover will supply no less than 100.000 liters per day or no less than 90% of our projected capacity before we start drilling. As a long-term backup, we also guarantee the capacity of the water source.

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