Guaranteed water discovery

Many successes in finding water sources

With our established search methods and drilling techniques we almost always find good quality water sources in a very short period of time. Our drilling technology is also successfully used in areas that are difficult to access - e.g. in mountainous regions.

For what we stand:

  • Over 95% success rate for water well exploration missions
  • 2-day rapid water discovery based on proven scientific methods
  • Well exploration in hard-to-reach areas (granite, hills, deserts)
  • Finding water where your previous contractors abandoned
  • Less paperwork, more field work for significant cost savings
  • Guaranteed well capacity - if discovered well capacity decreases by more than 30% within 3 years of service completion - we will restart on-site drilling or find new well locations within a 1km area.

Procedure and time required

  • STEP 01 - Pre-planning

    Signing the contract, calculation of the water demand, water logistics research.

  • STEP 02 - Well discovery and reporting

    Full-time on-site engineers determine drilling point and depth. 2-3 days to perform.

  • STEP 03 - Advice on logistics in the run-up to drilling operations

    The Customer procures all necessary licenses and equipment.

  • STEP 04 - Drilling

    If necessary we are ready to provide drilling recommendations.

  • STEP 05 - Drilling pinpoint audit

    When water is detected, pump tools are used to assess capacity and compare to original predictions.

  • STEP 06 - Water source furnishing

    2-3 days for customers to furnish the borehole.

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