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Water finding with Eco Solution

The specialist in finding high-yield fresh water sources.

There is not enough water in every region. But transporting water to remote areas is expensive and also not always possible. Therefore, a water well is often a very reasonable alternative to find water in the immediate vicinity. And this is exactly where we at Eco Solution are a strong and reliable partner - worldwide.

We find water worldwide for industry and manufacturing companies (e.g. beverage producers), private and public water procurement associations, agriculture as well as for private individuals and find water sources nearby.

Water self-sufficiency and secure water supply

For many areas on this planet a safe and independent water supply is of existential importance, but often hardly feasible. ECO Solution offers its customers a low-cost solution to this problem. Compared to other options like desalination plants, dams or water transport over long distances, our offer is very reasonable.

For, among others, the following areas with high water demand and consistently high water quality, we are an ideal service provider to achieve water self-sufficiency or to supplement existing water sources at low cost.

Our customers and target groups

  • Industries with high water consumption

    o Breweries and beverage bottlers
    o Chemical industry
    o Pharmaceutical industry

  • Agriculture and its downstream sectors

    o Irrigation
    o Animal husbandry
    o Slaughtering
    o Processing

  • Forestry companies and forest owners

    o Creation of fire water ponds
    o Hydrants for fire fighting

  • Public and private water procurement associations and municipal utility companies

  • Public facilities, such as hospitals, universities, etc.

  • Anyone who wants to be self-sufficient in water

Why work together with Eco Solution?

  • We find water sources even in areas, where others had failed or declared water finding impossible
  • Our water is not conventional groundwater, it does not depend on weather conditions, seasons, etc.
  • Using our water source does not lower the natural water table
  • The water we find is of higher quality compared to conventional groundwater (free of nitrates, bacteria, etc.)
  • ECO Solution guaranties full refund of payments if unsuccessful
  • Close to 100 % we only need one drilling to find successful water

Your contact persons

Andreas Koch - CEO (communication / field officer) Francis Josiah Palmer - CEO (administration / communication)
Mail: Phone: +49 171 3870808 Mail: Phone: +232 99648361 OR +232 76790292

Video of a water drilling project

ECO Solution is an official partner of the company A/S "SeismoPro".
Together we have years of proven experience and reliable technology to find water for you.